MovNat Team Meeting

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This is how MovNat does Team Meetings. πŸƒ

We went deep with 4 hours of MovNat Immersion - river running, jumping, balancing, cooperative climbing, swimming, sunbathing, and waterfalls - just to start, and then we went much, much deeper the next day. 🌎

Show me another Team Meeting as amazing as this. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Wait for the Float...

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Trusting my brother @TheReconJohn to catch me on my rock climb up at the @MovNat Reconnect Retreat.

There was no grips on the rock, and there was no realistic plan B for landing (just hoping to possibly push off and land in the small rock-free space in the water instead of on the rock).

A complete trust climb, made effective and efficient through MovNat practice and the S-grip.

River Rock Running

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River Rock Running at the @MovNat Reconnect Retreat.

Why? Why not. For what purpose? To get back to camp quickly to move the firewood before it rains.

#BeStrongToBeUseful #BeStrongToBeHelpful #MovNat #NaturalMovement #MoveWithPurpose

Tripod Transition and Vault

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Teaching the Tripod Transition and Vault at the MovNat Reconnect Retreat - one of the most utilized skills during our River Rock exploration.

As you can see, Natural Movement Fitnessβ„’ is Universal, Practical, and Adaptable, among many other things. πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘£πŸƒ

🎢 Koresma - Bridges

New Xero Shoes Review (Aqua X Sport)

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@XeroShoes sent these shoes to me to review, the Aqua X Sports, just in time before leaving for my trip to Colombia for a MovNat Team Meeting & Natural Movement Retreat.

I got to really put these to the test out there, with over a week of absolute immersion in a Natural Preserve - in the jungle and in the river. They were great running around, jumping, crawling, etc. on land and in water. Like any shoe they can be slippery on wet/mossy rocks, so move slow and mindfully in that case.

We had some heavy rains out there, too, and I didn't want to get my Prios soaked, so I threw these on and had fun running around in the mud and puddles with them. They dried pretty quickly, too, when the Sun came back out.

I have had tons of different water shoes before and they're all pretty minimalist, but these ones are definitely my favorite, they look the best, and they feel way more sturdier, like they're not going to fall apart if I use them with the intensity and frequency I like to move.

And they just released them, check them out here. πŸ’¦πŸ‘£πŸ’ͺ🏼

MovNat x Bamboo 🎍

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My final MovNat Session before departing Zafra Natural Preserve. I couldn't leave without playing on this amazing bamboo setup! πŸŽ‹

This was an explorative session, going from A to B with whatever movements came to mind. Movements included, but weren't limited to:

Balancing Single Leg Get Up, Balancing Walking, Balancing Foot Hand Crawling, controlled Falling, Elbow/Knee Hanging, Sliding Swing Ups, Balancing Split Squat Get Up, Balancing Prone Lying Traversing, Balancing Deep Knee Bend Traversing, Downward Jump, Slap Landing, Front Vault, Roll Over, Roll Up, Roll Under, Pop Up, Tripod Vault, Lateral Stepping Under, Tuck Pop Up, Balancing Tripod Get Up, and a Forward Hip Hinge Vault.

Learn the technique. Practice the technique. Trust the technique. πŸƒ