Advanced MovNat Combo Workout For Exploring Your Environment

(Published in the MovNat Journal - June 28, 2018)

How about a challenging Natural Movement workout to help you up your game?

Here’s an advanced level MovNat Combo Workout, which will give you some ideas for finding movement opportunities in the environment around you.

Instructions: If you’d like to replicate this workout as-is, repeat the following movements in a circuit fashion 3-5 times (i.e. one after the other with minimal or no rest), keeping your total training time under 20 minutes:

Note: All of these movements can be scaled to your level with a little imagination.

As you can see, this workout involves many different movement skills: Crawling, Balancing, Climbing, Get Ups, Jumping, Vaulting, and Running. And the transitions between skills can happen very quickly.

MovNat believes in building Natural Movement skills From The Ground Up. We take a Crawl – Walk – Run approach to practice. First, you master the basic level skills in a controlled environment, then more difficult ones. And eventually, you can combine those skills and/or bring your training into a more natural or challenging environment (i.e. outdoors).

So, with practice, you can work up to advanced level combos like this one. And generally speaking, the more advanced the movement skill, the more benefits it provides – making these workouts super-effective for improving your fitness and capability. Plus, the more you master your movement, the more that your perception of your environment adapts, enabling you to get a good workout wherever you are.

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