This might sound weird but,

I see this all the time. Especially around the holiday season...

People eating ass-backwards...

(I double checked the punctuation. It’s still grosser than you think…)

Somewhere in the latest trend of “health & fitness” people became infected with this idea,

That if you eat that “bad” food, you have to work out extra hard.

That you gotta burn all those calories off that you just stuffed your face with.

This way of thinking, this motivation, is completely backwards.

And it brings you down this spiral of shame.

You feel bad about the food that you ate, then you punish yourself with exercise.

So you don’t feel good about the food, you don’t feel good about the exercise, then you don’t feel good about yourself... and so goes the downward spiral...

If you continue to have this unhealthy relationship with food, you’ll NEVER be able to realize your true potential.

You’ll never be able to burn off the extra body fat,

You’ll never be able to boost your cardio,

And you’ll never be able to have an injury-free body.

You’ll just keeping running on the rat wheel not going anywhere, until eventually you get burnt out.

When you stop eating "ass-backwards", when you break this cycle,

And you make this shift (mainly a mindset shift),

You achieve a sense of FREEDOM.

Freedom to ENJOY your food, and freedom to ENJOY your movement.

You no longer have to feel guilty for celebrating and enjoying those holiday treats,

You no longer have to work out extra hard and try to “undo the damage”.

You can just enjoy life, and not have to stress about your health.

When you do this, your health no longer a punishment, it’s a reward,

This is how you avoid those injuries, this is how you boost your cardio, and this is how you melt away the extra body fat like butter.

When you achieve this healthy relationship, you will reach your peak health lifestyle effortlessly,

And when you gain the confidence, clarity, and strength - you will unleash your true potential.

If you feel like this is happening to you, and you're ready to break free from the downward spirals, then reach out. I’d be happy to see if I can help.

Click here to book a call, and we’ll talk for about 45-mins to find out exactly why you’re stuck where you are. Maybe it’s this unhealthy relationship you have with food, maybe it’s an unhealthy relationship you have with movement, maybe it’s another lifestyle factor that you’re completely unaware of...

Whatever it is, we’ll get clear on what’s holding you back, and if we’re a good fit to work together we’ll talk about how you can break free from it.

After you click the link, just pick whatever time works for you, fill out the short form afterwards, and I’ll talk with you at the time you selected.

Talk soon,