There’s a myth that’s spread around the health & fitness realm of “calories in, calories out”.

Should you count calories, or not?

If I were to give you a simple, one-worded answer, it would be…


But of course, there are nuances, and that’s what we're going to talk about today...

The whole "calories in, calories out" idea SOUNDS good, and it looks like a nice pretty equation,

But when you dive deep, and look at the nuances, you realize it's HIGHLY inaccurate. 

Not even the most high-tech laboratories in the world can tell you exactly how many calories you're burning.

And that nutrition label doesn’t tell you how your body is going to digest those calories.

So “eat less, move more” is a great sounding idea (that some people could probably benefit from), but really it's all about CONTEXT.

For example, what type of calories are you eating? 

A calorie of protein, is different than a calorie of fat, is different than a calorie of carbohydrate.

Your body will use the different fuels for different purposes, so they’re all going to have different effects on the body.

So a more accurate saying is “calories stored, calories burned”.

Because when you take the calories in or try to work the calories out, 

It doesn’t say whether you’re going to store them or burn them.

Just because you eat “1000 calories” (according to a nutrition label), that doesn’t mean you’re going to store 1000 calories.

Just because you work out “1000 calories” (according to a treadmill), doesn’t mean you’re going to burn 1000 calories.

It’s all about how you USE that fuel. 

So not only is the equation inaccurate, it gets REALLY nuanced when you look at the type of calorie.

Another point to consider, what's the QUALITY of those calories? 

How nutritious are those calories?

You can eat 1000 calories of empty fluff and still be hungry, causing you to eat MORE,

Or you can eat 500 calories of quality nutrients and be satisfied

It’s not about how many calories, it's all about nutrient density.

This seemingly simple equation is quickly taken apart when we look at the type, the quality, and how your body responds to them.

Besides that, calorie counting, portion control, restriction diets, etc… they are ALL unsustainable.

They are all restrictive, and if that’s all you focus on it’s going to be a CONSTANT uphill battle.

You’re going to be constantly STRUGGLING to lose weight.

You’re going to be constantly REBOUNDING.

You’re body will be in a constant state of STRESS.

Stress is a BIG factor in being overweight, too.

When the body is over-stressed, it chooses to store body fat.

It’s basically in fight-or-flight mode and wants to conserve resources for times of scarcity.

Not to mention, if you're hungry, you're going to eventually eat. Bottom line.

There’s no sense in starving yourself. 

And if hasn’t been made clear already, let me tell you…

It's NOT YOUR FAULT that your overweight. We are wired to eat.

You're just doing what you're body is telling you to do.

You just need to change your bodies “settings” to align with optimal health.

What you need is SUSTAINABLE nutrition habits and tools to OPTIMIZE your hormones so that you can FUEL your body, and be more satisfied with less.

When you do this you become what I like to call a “fat-burning beast”,

You will EFFORTLESSLY reach your optimal body composition,

And you will be able to sustain it for LIFE.

Being healthy & fit DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD.

You just need to the right tools, the right map, and the right guide to get you where you want to be.

So if you're struggling with your diet, and you feel like you're working too hard, and you're only getting little or no results, or maybe you've plateaued and you can't get to that next level, then reach out. I'd love to see how I can help you get there.

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This is NOT for everybody though. This is not for those looking for a cheap, quick & easy fix. 

This is for those who are committed and coachable and want real, quality results that will last for life.

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