I’ve been getting these questions a lot lately…

‘What supplements do you recommend?’

‘What should I take for X, Y, and Z?’

‘Do I even need supplements?’

All great questions, and there’s a lot of confusion in this area, so let’s demystify it right now.

The problem with supplements is that they are just a band-aid for the symptoms.

They are not addressing the root cause.

So you can take supplements for life and never fix the real problem.

Now I’m not discounting ALL supplements, sometimes band-aids are beneficial if you just have a little cut and you need to cover it so you can do something right now.

But when your arm is cut off you don’t need band-aids, you need surgery,

The reason why you’re joints are stiff, your body is creaky, and you’re not recovering well isn’t because you’re not taking the right supplements

It’s because you’re missing pieces of the puzzle in your lifestyle to be in peak health.

It could be in the area of nutrition, of movement, of recovery, and so on.

Even if you thought there was some magical supplement, a perfect supplement, a “cure all”,

You try and find it online or by going to the supplement shop, and you’re just standing there scratching your head looking at a thousand different brands of a thousand different types.

How do you know which one to choose?

Do you trust the supplement shop guy, who doesn’t know a thing about what your body needs?

If you do that you’ll end up going home with about 10 different bottles of things with ingredients you don’t even know how to pronounce.

Now it’s just one extra thing you have to do in your busy day, and you’re not even sure if they work or not.

Now a few years down the line, and hundreds to thousands of dollars later, you still have the same problem, and it’s only getting worse over time.

And now your kitchen is filled with these huge bottles of stuff you don’t even use anymore.

It’s a waste of time, waste of money, waste of energy.

That’s an expensive band-aid when all you needed was to make some simple changes to your lifestyle.

Not easy, of course, but simple, for sure.

And when you look at the bigger picture, we know it’s ALWAYS worth it.

We all know what happens to those who move for sports or play who don’t have the puzzle figured out yet… the inevitable injury.

And how much that really costs them… (time-wise, financially, emotionally, etc.)

That can ALL be avoided when you just fill in the missing pieces of your "peak health puzzle".

So if this is something you’re struggling with right now, if you want to avoid the inevitable, and you’re ready to talk about how you can do that, then book a call by clicking here.

Pick a time that works for you and fill out the form after so we can get the most out of the call for you. We’ll hop on the phone at the time you selected and talk for about 45 mins to find out exactly what you’re missing, and what you really need to reach your peak health.

The call is absolutely free but we both know that not filling in ALL the missing pieces of your peak health puzzle is not. This is NOT for those who are looking for a cheap, easy, “supplemental” program and the kind of results that they bring. And this is not for dabblers who are just interested in improving their health, their movement, and their life.

This is those who are committed, coachable, and resourceful. Those who are ready to show up and do the work, who will do whatever it takes to reach the peak and sustain it. If that’s you, then book a call and I’ll talk with you soon.

- Nate