How To Perform The Bent Sit To Deep Squat Get Up

(Published in the MovNat Journal - January 21, 2021)

The Bent Sit to Deep Squat Get Up will not only help you stand up from a seated position quickly without needing to use your hands, it will also help you improve your strength and mobility as well.

Many people find this movement difficult simply because of how they’re built (e.g. bone structure & hip anatomy) or because of mobility and/or strength restrictions. By practicing the progressions in the video below, you’ll gain access to this helpful Get Up so you can rise from the floor with ease and build a more capable body every time you do.

Let’s go over the basic techniques and progressions to master this movement.


  • Get comfortable in the Bent Sit and Deep Squat positions before you practice the transition

  • Bring your heels as close to your bottom as you can

  • Use your hands for assistance, if necessary

  • Exhale as you reach forward between your knees to make the transition

  • Hold onto a post or a light weight to help you make the transition

  • Elevate your hips by sitting on a low box or chair

  • Add a rocking movement a a little momentum

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