Intermediate MovNat Combo Workout On The Beach In Bali

(Published in the MovNat Journal - October 24, 2019)

If the Beginner Variation was easy, here's how to take it to the next level:


Here are some suggestions for increasing the challenge based on MovNat’s VIC protocol (Volume, Intensity, Complexity).

Tripod Get Up/Down to Long Sit

Foot Hand Crawl

Single Arm Throw


Note: Want to increase the challenge even more? Do your Get Ups while carrying a load on one shoulder. Push or drag an object while you’re crawling. And don’t just run – sprint!

Remember, no matter what level you’re training at, make sure you don’t sacrifice your movement efficiency. It’s tempting to train faster or let your technique deteriorate to do more work, but this is unwise. Maintain your movement efficiency at all times because quality movement matters.

Check out the Beginner Variation here...

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