MovNat Intermediate Combo Workout – Vol. 1

(Published in the MovNat Journal - February 22, 2018)

Want to learn how to combine natural movements into a challenging, full body workout?

Here’s an intermediate-level MovNat Combo Workout, which will help you break a sweat and transform your body while you’re improving your natural movement skills.

Instructions: Repeat the following movements in a circuit fashion 3-5 times (i.e. one after the other with minimal or no rest), keeping your total training time under 20 minutes:

MovNat Combos are a great way to get a lot of work done in minimal time. Not only are you practicing a handful of natural movements to improve your skill and efficiency, you’re also getting a great workout that will help improve your fitness and conditioning, and reshape your body, too. MovNat Combos are effective as a standalone training session. Or, they make a great finisher at the end of a complete MovNat training session.

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