Every man wants to be strong, right? 

Well, strong for what?

I know people that are strong couch-sitters; they could out sit me any day of the week.

OK then, let’s be more specific:

Strong to lift heavy shit.

That’s the focus of conventional fitness, so called "strength training".

“Pick shit up and put it down.”

Well, here’s the problem...

Strength is NOT the foundation.

This is why most people fail trying to get fit,

Because this is where most people start and stop their training.

They never build the foundations to get there,

They don’t vary their training enough while they are there,

And they never move beyond there to unleash their true potential.

So let’s look at the 3 big things you need to do to build True Strength



Let’s visualize a Fitness Pyramid. We all know the “Food Pyramid”, right?

(Conventional wisdom is shit there, as well, but I’ll save that for another blog post…)

Let’s take a look at the Fitness Pyramid...

At the bottom of the Fitness Pyramid is Movement.

Being able to move your shit, before you try to move other shit.

To put it as simply as possible.

This a very broad range of human movement skills that most people are completely oblivious to,

And it’s easy to see why when we effectively live in a “Wall-E” world today.

It doesn’t take any skill to have food delivered straight to your mouth.

So that’s the bottom of the pyramid, that’s the foundation of your Fitness Pyramid:

To improve your movement skills, and have a broad range of natural human movement skills.

Without these foundations, you’re likely to get injured, so don’t skip this step.

Moving on to number two…



Once you have your foundation set, now you’re ready to take it up to the next level, and focus on your strength.

Most people are very limited in what they focus on, and what they train.

This is why most people hit plateaus and get stuck in their training,

Because they don’t have enough variety.

And no I’m not just talking about pushing, pulling, legs, arms, and back variety.

I’m talking about the hundreds to thousands of movement skills variety.

And it goes beyond that…

Not only the variety in your movements, varying WHAT you train.

But also variety in your situations, varying HOW you train,

And variety in your environments, varying WHERE you train.

Does that make sense?

So now you can see that there are multiple levels of variety in which you can train,

And it’s just not seen in the way most people are "strength training" today.

Most people aren’t moving or exploring beyond their boxes,

And most coaches aren’t teaching you to move or explore beyond your box.

If you take all of these variations (the what, where, and how), that gives you your context of your training.

When you approach your fitness this way, there are near limitless options to train.

This will ensure that you NEVER run out of options to improve your strength, you’ll never plateau, you’ll never get STUCK.

And doing this will also ensure that you have a real, practical strength, as well.

Not one that’s limited to certain movements, to certain situations, or to certain environments.

So your strength will no longer be limited to a specific context.

Once you get this, you can now move on to…



After you build your foundation, and vary your training to forge REAL strength,

Now you can move beyond strength training.

Because it’s not really about the strength, is it?

This is where the question “Strong for what?” comes in.

If your motivation for strength training is just to “be strong” than you’ll get stuck in the middle of the pyramid, you’ll never move beyond there.

And if you do get stuck there, without a foundation, you’ll eventually crumble.

So again, building your fitness properly doesn’t begin or end on the second level.

After you have solid strength, you can now apply it to something more meaningful,

For many of us that’s being better at Jiu Jitsu, mastering our movement, and giving us the strength and the freedom to turn our passion into a sustainable lifestyle.

Or it may be having the strength to support our loved ones.

Either way, you need to have an idea of how to apply your strength to the real world.

Something beyond just strength-for-strength purposes.

That's why I love and live the motto, “Be strong to be supportive.”

Use your strengths to be useful, and to be helpful, to others and the world around you.

Once you get this, you will truly know what strength means,

And you will truly BE STRONG.

If this makes sense and you see this to be true, but you’re struggling to find strength, or you feel weak and your foundations are crumbling beneath you, or if you are stuck and don’t know where to go from here, how to level up...

Then click this link to book a call and let’s figure out what you need you build your Fitness Pyramid.

We’ll talk for about 45-mins to an hour and we’ll take a look at what part of your pyramid is missing, what you want your pyramid to look like, and if I can help you fill in the gaps, I’ll show you how.

Let’s keep it real, if you just want to having bulging biceps, if you just want to look good, or if you just want aesthetics then this is NOT for you. Let’s not waste time, that’s not who I’m here to help.

We know those things will come naturally, but that is not what we’re aiming for.

If you have strong motivations to use your strength to help others, and your just stuck and don’t know where you need to build, or what step to take next, then book a call and we’ll do just that.

Talk soon,